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What your Home Decor says about your Personality?

  • We all have different personalities, often as a result of our experiences, memories and our preferences. Your lifestyle and your home decor choices can reveal certain personality traits that say something about the real you!?

  • You may not realise, but visitors to your home will gain a perception of who you are as a person from your choice of colour, design, layout and materials.

  • Take our fun quiz and let your preferences take you on a journey to your ideal Exa Lifestyle!

(1) You have the opportunity to create your own personal fragrance, what do you call it?
(2) The description you give to your fragrance is?
(3) You ideal holiday location would be?
(4) You like the smell of?
(5) If you were a box, which box would you be?
(6) If you enter an antique shop, which item would most capture your attention?
(7) You see yourself being most comfortable in which scene et?
(8) How would you prefer to spend your ideal day?
(9) What is your favorite type of movie?
(10) What would you most like to eat right now?
(11) What kind of cuisine do you prefer?